Eun Ju Cheong (Ph.D) is Assistant Professor in Division of Forest Science, Program of Forest Resources.)
Research focuses are propagation of forest plants by seed, conventional methods and in vitro tissue culture and their physiological status adapting climate change. Exploring the genetic variances of forest plant resources, timber and non-timber plants, to improve the quality, and develop species specific molecular marker of some valuable forest resources. Eliminate parasitic agents from the valuable plants to make them pathogen-free especially
virus and phytoplasma by various methods, chemotherapy and/or thermotherapy associated with in vitro tissue culture. Ex situ conservation of endemic, rare and endangered forest plant species by biotechnological methods and their ecological restoration in wild habitat.

Lectures: Silviculture, Tree physiology, Forest ecology, etc.
Key words: Forest Genetic Resources/ Propagation, Conservation and Ecological Restoration/ Biotechnology
Division of Forest Sciences, Kangwon National University, Republic of Korea
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